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Osteoporosis? Why you should start exercising, now! » Forge West End

Osteoporosis? Why you should start exercising, now!

Osteoporosis is characterised by the loss of calcium in your bones, this makes them more likely to fracture if you have a bad fall. As you get older, the need to exercise becomes very important. Read further to find out why you need to start exercising now.

1. Exercising increases your bone strength

By performing the right exercises, your bones will strengthen. If you place gentle force upon the bones, they will be able to tolerate more pressure over time.
So what are the right exercises?
– Resistance exercises: This includes using equipment such as bands, weights or your bodyweight to put light pressure onto your bones.
– Weight bearing exercises: This includes movements such as small hops, small jumps and step ups.

2. Exercising decreases your risk of falls

As you get older, the likelihood of having a fall increases drastically. Exercising is likely to improve your balance and then decrease your risk of falls. For balance exercises to become effective follow the below tips
– Make the exercises safe: It goes without saying, but make sure you are in a safe environment when practicing your balance. Make sure you can sit down onto a bench or grip onto something stable if you get unsteady.
– Limit the use of your hands: If you hold onto something when performing balance exercises, you won’t find the tasks difficult. By making the tasks difficult, your body will adapt positively so that your balance improves.
– Make the exercises harder over the time: If you find your exercises are getting too easy, you need to progress these. Increasing the intensity of tasks over time will benefit you in the long run.

3. Exercising increases muscle strength and size

With stronger bones comes stronger muscles and vice versa. By increasing your muscle mass, you will also limit the likelihood of suffering from other medical issues. Strength training has shown to decrease chances of suffering from diabetes, heart disease and back pain.

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