What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy involves performing exercises and movements in a specifically designed heated pool under the guidance of a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist. Hydrotherapy is often less strenuous than land-based exercises focusing on guided, controlled, pain–free movements, with the ultimate goal of providing pain relief. Exercise performed within the warm water provides an opportunity for individual progressions within a safe, enjoyable and comfortable environment!

This form of exercise targets a wide spectrum of conditions, some including but not limited to:

o Osteoarthritis

o Pre- or post-operation rehabilitation

o Neurological conditions

o Fibromyalgia

o Generalised joint pain

o General fitness and wellbeing

Your Hydrotherapy Clinicians

Our Hydrotherapy clinicians who will be conducting your sessions are our Physiotherapist Ashleigh Gilligan and Exercise Physiologist Kristin Murray. These clinicians have completed extra training in Hydrotherapy treatment for different musculoskeletal and chronic conditions. You are welcome to book your initial consultation with either clinician however if you are choosing to use Private health insurance, Medicare, NDIS, or DVA for these services you should first consult with your Doctor to make sure you have the correct referral. Our administration team is here to help if you are unsure or have any questions. Contact our team here.


Forge runs it’s hydrotherapy services our of Musgrave Park Aquatic Center located at 100 Edmonstone Road, South Brisbane.

The sessions are conducted in a Private lane in the heated (at 33 deg) Magnesium Pool which is fully wheelchair accessible.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy offers countless benefits, some including:

1. Pain reduction & Improved Circulation

The warmth of the water helps soothe pain, discomfort, muscle aches and tightness for various conditions (e.g. osteoarthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and many more).

The hydrostatic pressure of the water enhances blood circulation, reduces swelling and promotes better oxygen and nutrient delivery to injured or healing tissues.

2. Reduces Weight-Bearing on Joints

The buoyancy of the water reduces impact on the joints and provides support, allowing those suffering arthritis, joint pain and recovering from surgery to perform exercises with less strain on the musculoskeletal system.

3. Improved Range of Motion

The warm water relaxes muscles and joints, facilitating improved flexibility and range of motion during exercises.

4. Increases Muscle Strength and Cardiovascular Fitness

The water provides a natural resistance, enhancing muscle strength and endurance. As individuals work against water resistance, this also helps improve heart health and overall fitness levels.

5. Enhanced Balance and Coordination

Due to the resistance and dynamic nature of water, hydrotherapy challenges balance and coordination during exercise. This aims to improve overall functional mobility.

6. Additional Magnesium benefits

The pool at the listed location also contains magnesium in the warm water, which comes with many added benefits. Some of these benefits include muscle relaxation, boosting energy levels and immunity, strengthening bone density and lowering blood pressure.

How do I get started?

Your first consultation is conducted at Forge West End Clinic at Unit 4, 249 Montague Road West End. Here you will meet your clinician who will complete a full musculoskeletal assessment as well as a safety screen for the pool session. These sessions are 45 mins long and cost $130.
For your first session please wear comfortable clothing. Pool will not be accessed in this initial consultation.

Click the link to book your Initial Hydrotherapy consultation

What to wear and bring to the Pool?

For the Hydrotherapy sessions we ask that you present dressed and ready in the pool 10 mins prior to the start of your session. This means that your session can start on time.

Please wear suitable swimwear, and bring a water bottle, hat and sunscreen for sun protection. The pool does have a cover however part of the lane is exposed to some sun.

No need to bring any pool equipment as our Physiotherapist provides all the small equipment required.


Our Hydrotherapy services are claimable under Physiotherapy. This means you can use Private health insurance, Medicare, DVA, Workcover as well as NDIS for these services. Referral from your GP is required to access rebates.

  • Initial Hydrotherapy Screening
  • $130
  • Our Initial Screenings are 45 mins long and conducted at our clinic at Unit 4, 249 Montague Road.

    You can book this in with either our Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

  • One on One Consult
  • $165
  • These may be ongoing, or as a one off for home exercise programming. These sessions last 50 mins where the Physiotherapists takes you through an individual program designed specifically for you.

    These appointments can be scheduled following your Initial Screening in clinic with the Physiotherapist.

  • Duet Semi- Private Consults
  • $88
  • Still a private session with a program designed for you however there is another person in the lane with you working on their own program. These sessions are 50 mins in duration

  • Clinical Small Group Classes (max 4 people)
  • $60
  • These sessions are 55 mins in duration and are a part of our in clinic Clinical Class offering, meaning you can use the same discounted packages we offer in clinic for this Hydrotherapy class. This allows you to mix up your weekly sessions by adding a hydrotherapy session into your weekly class schedule.

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