Performance Classes

Our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists carefully plan each class, and as a result deliver a well balanced, full body workout while teaching you about your body and movement. Group classes are limited to a max of 6 people because we want to ensure you receive the support and attention you need. We strongly believe that when working with weights, technique and form are vital so you can workout safely and efficiently.

Initial Screenings

We don’t have any pre-requisites for our classes because we limit our classes to a max of 6 people. This enables us to give new clients the attention and support they need. However, we offer Introductory screenings with an ultra sound service to check your deep core engagement. Those new to pilates we highly encourage to use this service because we can visually show your core activation and teach you how to control it.

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Check out our Class Styles

Stretch & Trigger

Enjoy our relaxing stretch and trigger class where the instructors take you through a variety of different stretches, teach you how to self mobilise and trigger your muscles and joints, and use a variety of different equipment such as the arc barrel, back balls, foam rollers and reformers to achieve longer and taller postures.

Beginner Reformer

This ‘Beginner Reformer’ class is the perfect place to start. Our comprehensively trained Pilates instructors will guide you through a 1 hour workout that will work through the Pilates basics and teach you about the equipment. With a maximum of 6 in a class, this small setting ensures every client has a lot of personal attention. Don’t be shy…we don’t bite and the reformer definitely doesn’t either! Book Now!

Intermediate Reformer

A slightly faster pace with more complex movement patterns will mean your body and mind will be challenged in a safe and supportive environment. While this intermediate class is a step up from our Beginner Reformer class, you certainly don’t require a lot of Pilates experience to attend. Our small class setting (max 6 per class) and tailored approach to Pilates means our instructors are able to keep a close eye on your technique and form, making any adjustments as necessary. Book Now!

Jumpboard Reformer

The jump-board is a padded board that replaces the reformers foot-bar providing an excellent and low impact way of increasing your heart rate. If you’ve never taken a jump-board class before, your legs are missing out! With multiple different ways to jump with not only your feet pushing off the jump-board (you’ll use your arms too), this class is fun, challenging and will make you strong and long! Book Now!

Strength & Conditioning

This ‘Weights’ class is a high intensity strength training class that will quickly improve muscular strength and endurance. As each workout is unique, it keeps both your mind and body on their toes. We have purposely designed this class to give you a continuous challenge every time you visit for maximum results. Run by Exercise Physiologists, every class you’ll have close eyes watching your technique to ensure you workout safely – a must when working with weights and resistance.

Mums and Bubs

Our Mums and Bubs class is the perfect form of exercise to help your body recover after pregnancy and child birth. This class is on our reformer machines and allows for you to bring your new bub along to the class. That’s right, you can still get a workout in without worrying about a babysitter! Run by one of our physiotherapists, you’re in incredibly safe hands to build strength and improve fitness safely. Please note: this class requires an initial consult with one of our physiotherapists if you’re new to our studio.

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates is how Pilates was traditionally taught. In our Studio Pilates class, you’ll workout on a variety of high quality equipment to give you the best results. At Forge, our Studio Pilates class is a fusion of traditional Pilates with the additional element of clinical knowledge delivered by our instructors. With our small class size you’ll quickly improve your fitness and wellbeing. Our classes have a maximum of 4 clients because we want to ensure you receive the highest quality service. Whether you’re a pilates beginner, or looking to improve your general fitness, these classes will be great for you.


Our newest class to hit Forge this 6 week challenge, lead by our trained Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Alice Scura will start Saturday 5th March 2022. Vinyasa, also called “flow” because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. This yoga class will also be taught with an element focusing on meditation and is the perfect class to add to your week.

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