Our Vision

Forge West End is all about providing you with an unparalleled level of support and quality on your fitness and wellbeing journey: whether you are on the journey for improving fitness, recovering from injury and pain or elevating your sports and physical performance to the next level.

Forge delivers Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates and Performance Training by a professional and highly skilled team of practitioners. Forge is treatment and training but not as you know it.

Your journey is a Forge Physiotherapist working you through tailored Reformer Pilates classes.

Your journey is a Forge Exercise Physiologist digging deep with you in a performance training session.

Your journey is a dedicated practitioner team integrating their skills and treatment for the most effective recovery from injury or pain.

What Distinguishes the Forge Method?

The FORGE method is:

Grounded upon a deep understanding of your unique circumstances and goals that comes from the education, experience and attentiveness that our team brings.
Putting leading clinical research into daily practice: every treatment and every training.
True integration across our diverse expertise areas: our practitioners work together behind the scenes giving you a seamless and holistic treatment and training experience.


Forge is built upon and prides itself in its team. We have a great bunch of people who are keen to do great things with you and the Forge community: whether that’s helping you in recovery or achieving your fitness goals, or volunteering their time and skills to help communities both locally and around the globe. And that’s not just our team contributing, Forge puts its money where its mouth is: 10% of our company’s profits are donated to supporting these and related charitable causes.

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