I have torn my ACL, should i get surgery?

If you have had an ACL injury in recent years, you have probably been told to have it repaired surgically. With the past studies available, this was a good suggestion too. However, recently there has been some research to suggest that not all people need to have their ACL repaired. To many peoples shock, some ACL ligaments can be managed without surgery and in some cases they can spontaneously heal. Yes you read that right..

So who should get surgery?

That’s a great question and it depends on a number of factors. Surgery is typically recommended if:
1. You have had other structural damage with your ACL tear (Eg meniscus tear, MCL tear)
2. You have quite poor function post injury with testing (speak to your physiotherapist about this).
Surgery still has a great deal of evidence behind it so at this stage it is the number one option for most people.

So who should try a non-surgical approach?

You may want to consider the surgical option if:
1. Your knee is functioning well (as determined by your physiotherapist)
2. You have good knee stability
3. You are willing to try a new management approach

So what is the evidence?

There was a research paper published in recent years called the Delaware-Oslo ACL Study. This article confirmed that 50% of people that chose to go with a conservative management approach had a successful rehabilitation at 2 years post injury. The outcomes are comparable to someone that is uninjured, which is quite promising.

So what should you do about your knee?

If you want to know if you are suitable for conservative ACL rehabilitation, it’s in your best interest to speak to a trusted Physiotherapist. Your Physiotherapist can give you more information and guide you in the right direction.

Do you want to see a physiotherapist now?

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