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Feel better in 5 minutes!

Do you have stiffness in your joints or muscles? Is your mobility restricted? Do you feel like your body is working against you? Well you have come to the right place!

The effects of sitting on your body

If you are like most people, you probably sit for a prolonged period of time as part of your job. Or if you don’t sit throughout the day, you may like to spend a good portion of your weekends resting on the couch. Sitting for short periods is okay however over time this can affect how your body moves, feels and looks. It’s important that you have some sort of movement routine to combat the effects of being in poor postures for long periods of time.

The answer to the problem

The answer to your problem is the answer to most health based problems, exercise! If we could bottle up the benefits of exercise and give it to you in a single tablet, it would be the best drug on earth. Exercise helps with your muscular system, your respiratory system and your mind. Having a consistent exercise routine well help you move better, feel better and think clearer.

5 minute stretch and trigger routine

We get it, you are busy. The 21st century life demands a lot from you. Whether it is your work commitments, your social functions or family events, it’s a lot! You may not have time for a 1 hour yoga class and we understand that. So keeping you in mind, we have created a quick and easy 5 minute mobility plan which you can do from anywhere.

What you need

All you need is a few pieces of exercise equipment detailed in the video below. You can likely purchase these things from K-mart if you want to save a dollar, or our clinic if you want medical grade products. We have heavily discounted the whole pack of items to $65 so that you can get pain relief on a budget ($85 retail).

Watch Dijana complete the stretch and trigger routine using our products!

Do you want personalised advice? Do you want the quickest path to recovery?

Although you can certainly get pain relief from our video, sometimes you need personalised advice. Everyone’s body is different and therefore everyones injury management is different. If you are in need of professional care, book in an appointment with one of our friendly staff now via the link. We would love to help you!

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