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5 reasons why you may have neck pain » Forge West End

5 reasons why you may have neck pain

1. You sit for long periods of time

There is a saying in the health industry that states ‘sitting is the new smoking’. This just about sums up the health issues of living a sedentary lifestyle. Long periods of sitting exposes your shoulder and neck muscles to extra pressure from gravity trying to pull you down. When you are standing, you can absorb pressure equally through hips, knees and ankles. We recommend setting an alarm hourly to get out of the chair and take a small walk. You will feel limber and refreshed.

2 . You have poor desk ergonomics

The key things we look for in a desk setup is table heigt, screen height and having a well structured chair. If you are routinely hunching towards your screen or poking your neck forward, you should address this.

3 . You carry heavy bags consistently

If you consistently carry belongings on your shoulders, your neck muscle will be working to maintain your posture. At the clinic we advise lightening your bag if possible so that your neck and shoulders aren’t getting stressed.

If you can’t lighten your bag try a couple of other strategies:
1. Carry some of your belongings in your hands
2. Carry your bag on different shoulders throughout the day
3. Get a sports bag designed for function and comfort, not just for style

4 . You sleep in poor positions

Do you sleep with too many or too few pillows? How do you know how many pillows to use?
This will largely depend on your body size, shape and structure. No matter your sleeping position, we recommend keeping your spine in good alignment. If your neck is excessively tilted to one side you may wake with discomfort. So trial different sleeping arrangements until you feel your neck is in a comfortable position.

If you are sleeping on public transport, try to have your head in a stable position using a travel pillow. This will prevent your head moving excessively while you are sleeping.

5 . You have neck weakness

The neck like any other part of the body has muscles that benefit from being strong and robust. By having better muscle strength and endurance, you will be able to sit in better postures for longer and likely have less neck aches. By doing a number of assessments, your physiotherapist can test your neck strength and function.

Is your neck pain bothering you?

Our physiotherapists are all very well trained in treating neck pain. Here at Forge we can tell you what is causing your issue and give you a plan to manage your symptoms. Book now to start your journey

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