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5 benefits of massage therapy » Forge West End

5 benefits of massage therapy

1. Decrease feeling of muscle tension

Do you have tightness in your body? Our massage therapist performs a number of therapeutic techniques to decrease the feeling of tightness in your muscles. This will give you better muscle and joint movement.

2. Decrease pain

Because you spend a lot of time in sitting, you may have tightness around your neck, shoulders and back. By having your muscles stretched and moved with specialist techniques, you are likely to experience a reduction in your levels of pain.

3. Improved blood flow and lymph circulation

By using specialist techniques, blood and lymph can be pushed around the body. This is particularly useful if you are recovering from cancer or an injury. Gentle lymphatic massages can distribute any excess swelling you have in your arms or legs.

4. Decrease stress and anxiety

We understand that you probably have a busy life, and with that occasionally comes nervousness, fear or disconnection. Massage therapy has an impactful effect of decreasing your heart rate and decreasing cortisol (a stress hormone).

5. Relaxation

It’s rare to take a break and make time for yourself, this in itself will help you feel calm and poised. We offer a quiet, dark room where you can gather your thoughts or even take a nap.

Do you need a massage?

Do you suffer from pain or stress? Do you have swelling in your limbs? It’s probably time to see our lovely Massage therapist Fernanda. She uses a number of techniques to give you the best possible results. Book now to get seen today

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