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4 Back Pain Myths You Must Know » Forge West End

4 Back Pain Myths You Must Know

You have probably heard of phrases such as ‘my disc is out’, ‘i done my back in’ and ‘my back isn’t straight’ but are these phrases true? We think not. Read below to hear more about common back pain myths.

1. “My back is out of alignment”

Truth be told your back probably isn’t out of alignment and even if it is, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. There are only 2-3% of people that have a true scoliosis where there is an irregular curvature of the spine. However, if you are concerned about your spinal curvature, we do quick 15 minute scoliosis screens in our clinic. We go through a number of tests to make sure you receive the correct advice and care. If you are interested book here

2. “I need to crack my back into place”

Continuing on from the above myth, it’s likely that your bones aren’t out of place to begin with. Furthermore, the ‘crack’ noise you hear when your back is being manipulated is likely fluid within the joints making an audible noise, not the bones being physically adjusted. There is some research to suggest that back cracking will give you some short term flexibility and pain relief but not too much more than that.

3. “One of my legs is longer than the other so i get back pain”

One large study showed that 90% of the normal population have some sort of leg length discrepancy. So essentially it is normal to have one leg longer than the other. For the majority of people, your leg length won’t be your main problem so don’t be easily influenced if someone tells you otherwise. As a trial, you can always put a small heel lift in your shoe for two weeks and track how your back feels.

4. “My disc bulge is causing my pain”

Having a disc bulge is a lot more common than you think and most of the time it will not be the true cause of your issue. A number of studies have been done scanning healthy people’s spines to assess for disc issues. For example, in one study 30% of 20 year olds without back pain had a disc bulge. Yes that is right, they have disc bulges but ZERO pain.

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