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Wrist pain? Forearm pain? You may have intersection syndrome » Forge West End

Wrist pain? Forearm pain? You may have intersection syndrome

What is intersection syndrome?

Intersection syndrome is a painful condition of the forearm and the wrist. It can affect individuals who perform repetitive wrist actions. Hence, some populations are more at risk than others including gardeners, rowers and tennis players.

Which part of the forearm is causing my pain?

The pain from this condition is usually felt on the top of the forearm. At this point, two muscles that connect to the thumb cross over (‘intersect’) the two underlying wrist tendons. If you overuse the wrist tendons, the lining may become inflamed from the constant rubbing against the two thumb muscles.

What symptoms will i have?

The most common symptoms include:
– Hearing a crackling sound called ‘crepitus’
– Forearm swelling
– Forearm tightness and tenderness with touch


Your physiotherapist should be able to diagnosis your condition by taking your injury history and performing some gentle tests.

Treatment at Forge West End

Physiotherapy rehabilitation is the initial treatment pathway. Here your therapist aims to decrease inflammation and pain. Your therapist can use many treatment methods including massage, splinting, dry needling, taping and exercise instruction. You will typically see improvement in 4-6 weeks.

Here at Forge, our Physiotherapists ensure a safe and professional environment for all of our clients. If you want a path to recovery book here

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