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I'm injured, should i use ice now? » Forge West End

I’m injured, should i use ice now?

Picture this scenario – you have just rolled your ankle, tweaked a muscle or strained your back. What do you do next? Do you go for the frozen peas or ice pack and place it on your injury site? Read on to understand why this may be a bad idea.

Where did icing injuries come from?

Icing injuries has been deep rooted into our culture since 1978 where Dr Gabe Mirkin suggested that icing an injury will prevent blood flow and decrease swelling. Ice forms part of the famous RICE protocol (rest, ice, compress, elevate). You are probably thinking decreasing swelling is a good thing, not always.

Why is decreasing swelling and blood flow harmful?

From what scientists understand now, the inflammation process is important so that blood can transport healing agents to the injury site. So essentially, when you ice an injury for a prolonged period, you are affecting the body’s natural recovery process.

So what should i do after an injury?

In 2019 a new injury management protocol was released, PEACE and LOVE. So what’s the difference between this and RICE. Well, firstly ice isn’t part of this management strategy and PEACE and LOVE promotes early active movement.

So should I completely ban the use of ice for my injuries?

This depends. Because ice is a great pain reliever, you may want to use it if your symptoms require it. Also, if swelling is compromising your joint movement you may want to consider ice to control this.

Do you find injury management confusing? Do you want expert advice?

We understand that managing injuries can be difficult. If you would like the fastest path to recovery. Book in to see one of our team members now, just click the link

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