Ebony Blackstone


The Fight against MS

THE FIGHT AGAINST MS Exercise Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Manifestation Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an immune-mediated degenerative disease of the central nervous system, affecting an estimated 2.5 million adults worldwide1. Diagnosis typically occurs between 20-40 (however, there are cases outside of this range), and approximately three times as many women are diagnosed than men. Nerve impulses within the brain,

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Fight for Life – Exercise therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Clinical Manifestations Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is the second highest neurodegenerative condition by prevalence and the most common major movement disorder, affecting over 80,000 people in Australia. Prevalence increases three-fold after the age of 65, and with Australia’s aging population there has been a significant increase in total economic cost and burden of disease. The cardinal signs of PD include bradykinesia,

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