5 reasons why you should see an Exercise Physiologist, now!

If you havn’t seen an Exercise Physiologist (EP) before, it’s time to consider one. EPs can help you with a variety of different complaints, conditions or injuries. Read more to find the 5 main reasons you should book in your first consultation..

1. You are recovering from an injury

It’s likely that if you injured yourself in the past, you have seen a Physiotherapist which is a great first move. After your short-term pain decreases, it’s best to have an assessment with an EP. During your assessment, you will be able to have your movement, strength and power measured. Your EP can then give you advice and a plan to make sure you fully recover.

2. You are living with long term pain

If you have chronic pain, you know how tiring, frustrating and irritating it can be. EPs are well trained to help reduce your symptoms and improve your function of everyday tasks. Research also suggests that exercise can help decrease pain and sensitivity, yes you read that right. This is a great way to help improve your quality of life.

3. You are struggling with stress, anxiety or a mental health condition

If you are struggling with your mental health, exercise can help. When you exercise, your body releases dopamine which is a ‘feel good’ hormone. So if you exercise consistently, your mood may increase considerably. Your EP can help you decide which exercises are suitable for you.

4. You struggle sleeping

Some studies suggest that poor sleep is a contributor to increased pain, increased risk of illness and poorer mental health. To promote better sleep in your life, you should consider regular exercise. Exercise can help improve heart regulation, improve relaxation and help you fall asleep easier.

5. You struggle with regular sickness or illness

Exercise is a great way to strengthen your immune system and decrease inflammation. When you exercise, your blood flow improves which helps increase circulation around the body. With improved circulation, these areas of inflammation may decrease.

Do you suffer with any of the above?

If you would like effective and professional care, it’s time to see one of our EPs. Make a booking through the link for an initial appointment, we look forward to seeing you here at Forge! https://forgewestend.com.au/book-online/

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