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Should I tape or brace my painful ankle? » Forge West End

Should I tape or brace my painful ankle?

So like you know, hurting your ankle is frustrating and quite limiting. You may be wondering what you can do to help it and you have probably thought about giving your ankle some support. The question then is, what support should you use?

What do i need to consider?

Taping and bracing are quite different for a number of reasons and it is quite personal for each person. You may have tried both and have made up your mind (which is great) or you may be doing some research to find out which one suits you better. In either case, read on to find out what would suit you best.

Which is most effective

This is up for debate for a number of reasons. For taping it is in direct contact with your skin which you may like, but also the person applying the tape must be experienced for the tape to work properly. If the taping technique is not done correctly, you may find it won’t help with your symptoms. On the other hand, bracing is easier to replicate as most braces have laces and straps which easily secure your ankle. We do however get some complaints that braces aren’t as ‘snug’ around the ankle joint.

Which is most comfortable?

Do you get skin rashes, irritations or allergies? Then this may affect using tape for your skin. For some people, the tape can develop redness or marks as a result of the skin being annoyed – this however won’t occur with a brace. On the other hand, braces bulkier so it will depend on your footwear if your brace fits your shoe.

Which is most cost effective?

A roll of tape costs roughly $10 which will likely get you 2-3 uses to tape your ankle. If you are taping your ankles frequently, you can see how this adds up over time. An ankle brace will cost you roughly $70 which can potentially last you years, so this may be the cost cost effective option.

So which one should i use?

As you can tell, there a number of pros and cons for each. This will depend on your situation purely. With whatever decision you pick, we hope it helps keep your ankle stable, supported and strong.

Is there anything else i can do?

There certainly is. If you haven’t done a comprehensive rehabilitation with your injury, you are more likely to injure it again. To decrease your chances of re-injury, your rehab should include a mixture of flexibility, balance, strength and power.

I don’t know where to start..

Don’t worry, we are here for you. If you would like the best possible advice and a complete ankle rehabilitation, book with via the link

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