Do you RICE injuries? Find out why you shouldn’t

What do you do directly after being injured? Do you ice your injury? Do you just go about your business like nothing happened? Read more to find out what you should be doing..

So where did RICE come from?

RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) has been used heavily for injuries since 1978 when it was publicised by a sports medicine author. The author Gabe Mirkin believed that by resting, icing, compressing and elevating an injury, your recovery would improve. However, with more research, scientists are starting to understand that ice may actually delay your tissue healing. It has been noted that in 2015, Gabe Mirkin withdrew his stance on RICE and deemed it to be inappropriate for sports injuries.

So what should i do for injuries now?

You are probably confused with what you should do after being injured now, don’t worry read on. Recently the sports medicine world has published a new injury protocol. You won’t forget the name of this either, PEACE and LOVE. You can see the protocol below in the image, this is published at https://blogs.bmj.com/bjsm/2019/04/26/soft-tissue-injuries-simply-need-peace-love/.

The new way to manage injuries, PEACE and LOVE.

Are you still confused?

If you are still confused, we totally understand. For many years, doctors and different professionals have suggested ice, a variety of medications and other outdated practices. If you have an injury and would like the best advice possible, book an appointment with us. Click the link, we would love to help you! https://forgewestend.com.au/book-online/

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