Chris Hitchins


Football and COVID-19

Football and COVID-19 What happens to football players when training stops? Early Break Just a few months ago, there was a buzz in the air, the long-anticipated start of the season was here. Players had spent the better part of the last 3 months training through the pre-season preparing their bodies for the season ahead. But with the outbreak of

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ACL Ruptures – Do all patients ‘K-need’ surgery?

  ACL rehabilitation strategies Is ACL Reconstruction Necessary? At 2 and 5 year follow-up that there was no difference in patient reported knee outcomes, objective performance measures or return to sport rates, between patients treated with reconstruction or those treated with rehabilitation alone. There is low quality evidence of increased radiological knee damage in the reconstructed knee which may lead

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Integrated Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology – Forging resilient patients at Forge

  How is Exercise Physiology different to Physiotherapy?  Working at Forge where we offer both services, this is one of the questions I get asked most, by both patients and physicians. What’s The difference? In truth, there are probably more similarities than differences. Both Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists are university qualified allied health professionals with a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy

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