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5 ways to stay injury free this festive season » Forge West End

5 ways to stay injury free this festive season

1. Don’t overdo social sports

We probably all know someone that came off second best during backyard cricket or park soccer once upon a time. It is important to know your limits. If you haven’t bowled a cricket ball since the last festive period, it’s fair to say you aren’t Elyse Perry. Make sure to enjoy yourself but take it lightly. It is called social sport and not competitive sport for a reason.

2. Don’t get stuck on the couch

We understand, 2023 has been a busy year! Most people are fatigued, tired and deserve a break.. But sitting on the couch for extended periods won’t do your body any favours. If you plan on watching some sports or netflix this festive period, we advise you to lie down on the couch instead. This will take some load off your neck and back, and be sure to get up every hour for a quick walk where possible.

3. Take rests from driving

Are you travelling up or down the coast this year? It’s a great time to get away but remember to take breaks during your travels. Symptoms of prolonged sitting may include tightness in your hips, back and neck. To avoid getting body aches, try to stop at least every 2 hours for a break. This is great to allow your muscles to stretch, blood to flow and your brain to rest. Due to this time of the year being the busiest on the roads it is important to stay alert and safe.

4. Pack some supportive shoes

Plan to do some walking or hiking over the break? Be sure to pack some comfortable shoes so that your feet are well supportive. This may save you from blisters, arch aches and rolled ankles.

5. Keep up some physical activity

This time of the year is to rest and recover, but it’s wise to keep some sort of physical activity. If you go multiple weeks without exercise your body will get a shock when you start to ramp your exercise up again.
Detraining is where your body gives up the gains you have made and applies to muscular  and cardiovascular fitness. Don’t give up all of your gains this year!

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