Studio Pilates

What is Studio Pilates?

Studio Pilates is how Pilates was traditionally taught. In our Studio Pilates class, you’ll workout on a variety of high quality equipment to give you the best results.

At Forge, our Studio Pilates class is a fusion of traditional Pilates with the additional element of clinical knowledge delivered by our instructors. With our small class size you’ll quickly improve your fitness and wellbeing.

How Can Pilates Help?

You are different and Pilates caters for this with a wide range of exercises and movements. Pilates can help improve muscle activation, functional movement and posture. In order to attain the benefits from Pilates, exercises need to be performed with accuracy and precision.

Other health benefits:

    • Improved core strength and stability
    • Flexibility
    • Increased bone density
    • Improved injury rehabilitation
    • Injury prevention

The Pilates Studio at Forge

The Pilates equipment used at Forge is from the world leading provider – Balanced Body. We have every piece of equipment you need in your health journey.

Initial Assessment

We suggest booking an initial assessment to identify your key areas of concern and your goals. With this information, our team will be able to introduce you to the variety of Pilates equipment and help you on your journey.

Classes 4:1

Our classes have a maximum of 4 clients because we want to ensure you receive the highest quality service. Whether you’re a pilates beginner, or looking to improve your general fitness, these classes will be great for you.

1:1 Private Session

To see quick results and fast improvement in your Pilates technique, we recommend our 1:1 sessions. Our private lessons are a fantastic chance to practice key principles of Pilates, identify how your body moves and learn body awareness.

New To Pilates?

What to Expect?

Your initial appointment will take place in one of our curtained private rooms. After this, you will be taken out into our gym space to learn how to use our equipment.

What to Wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and easily.

Bookings and payments

For all booking information click here https://forgewestend.com.au/book-online/

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