Running analysis is for everyone that loves running and wants to improve their running technique. Whether you are training for a particular event, or returning to running after an injury, you can benefit from a running assessment from Forge West End Physiotherapists. Our team acknowledges that not all runners are the same, so to reach your running goal, we tailor an individualised program to you.


This gait analysis can help identify potential corrective strategies with a goal of improving technique and running efficiency for runners that have been dealing with an injury, or have had one and want to prevent it from reoccurring.


Our Running Assessment is a specialised service, delivered by Physiotherapists professionally trained to detect biomechanical faults which can predispose you to injury. This assessment is designed to give you expert advice and ideas to enhance your technique and discuss potential risk of injury.


Your running assessment will include:

  • Thorough investigation of your musculoskeletal system by a Physiotherapist. Including posture analysis, joint range of motion and muscle strength as well as current pain/injury assessment.
  • Video analysis of your running technique and a comprehensive functional and biomechanical assessment
  • Discuss what you need to change and why
  • Advice and Education on which exercise and stretches to use to help enhance your running
  • Advise and tips specific to your technique and how to implement that into your routine


What to Wear to your appointment?

Please wear comfortable running clothes ie. Shorts and T-shirt as we need to see your joints whilst running. Please bring your current running shoes, a towel and bottle of water.




To Book your Running Assessment Call Forge West End on 3844 0686

Or email us [email protected]