Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis

Forge delivers a specific exercise approach to Scoliosis through our Physiotherapist Dijana (who has a background and interest in this area). Scoliosis specific exercises can be very effective in managing curvatures of up to 30 degrees, using spinal elongation and core strengthening exercises to decrease pain, progressively reverse the curve and address those muscles and joints that have been affected by the curve.

We offer a screening process for young children, teens and adults after which a treatment protocol will be designed specific to your spinal curve. This may include Physiotherapy treatment, a home program design, or a Clinical Pilates Program to be completed at Forge.

Our Physiotherapists work closely with Scolicare Australia and can help with the referral to a Scolicare therapist for further assessment, scoliosis bracing and exercise therapy.

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