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Functional Training

Known for it’s high quality of service and care, Forge’s Functional Training classes are very popular and deliver results. Our two styles of classes, ‘Weights’ and ‘Cardio’, offer a variety of programs and exercises that will get you sweaty, strong and fit. Our West End gym has industry leading equipment that gives a workout environment second to non.

Our Exercise Physiologist’s carefully plan each class to deliver a well balanced, all over body workout while educating you about your body and movement. The classes are intentionally limited to a maximum of 6 to ensure the upmost quality of service. We strongly believe, when working with weights, technique and form and vital to work not only safely but also efficiently.

All classes are taken by highly educated Exercise Physiologists. The classes do not require an initial consultation however if you’re new to exercise, injured or have a history of injury we advise an initial consultation prior to joining our classes.

Check out the class styles

Weights 6:1

This ‘Weights’ class is a high intensity strength training class that will quickly improve muscular strength and endurance. As each workout is unique, it keeps both your mind and body on their toes. We have purposely designed this class to give you a continuous challenge every time you visit for maximum results. Run by Exercise Physiologists, every class you’ll have close eyes watching your technique to ensure you workout safely – a must when working with weights and resistance. Book Now
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